In Cinderella and the Glass Ceiling & Other Feminist Fairy Tales, Laura Lane and Ellen Haun have adapted their New York sketch comedy show into a parody of a classic children’s fairy tales by turning the patriarchal stories on their heads. We say goodbye to the tropes of submissive ball gown-wearing princesses and hello to women with agency and power who refuse to accept the status quo and are destined to be the heroes of their own stories. This book combines high brow humor with the occasional vagina joke (because it turns out they’re funnier than dick jokes).

After meeting in a sketch comedy writing class in New York City and commiserating over the current political and cultural landscape in a #metoo era, Laura and Ellen decided to co-write the show Femme Fairy Tales, which debuted at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and performed in both New York and Los Angeles. The positive response to the show inspired them to write this book and reclaim the stories they read growing up.

The book hits shelves March 10 2020 by Seal Press (Hachette)!

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