Once upon a time...

The New York-based comedy show Femme Fairy Tales  premiered at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City. Everyone in the audience wore tiaras. 

About the show...

Sleeping Beauty's prince realizes that it is super creepy to kiss a woman who is sleeping, the Little Mermaid discovers that legs come with a vagina-a-bob and Cinderella learns how dumb it is to wear shoes made of glass. This all-female sketch show takes on classic Disney fairy tales and turns the patriarchal stories on their heads. Whether dealing with issues like consent, cultural appropriation or economic disparity, we keep things fun – and magical! This is a world where all women, princesses or not, are equal - now that's a fairy tale!

Written by: Laura Lane & Ellen Haun
Starring: Ellen Haun, Laura Lane & Amber Reauchean
Directed by: Chet Siegel