Laura and Ellen nail it with this witty and remarkable book that smartly reminds women to be the heroes of their own stories rather than wait around for saving.
— Jenny Mollen, actress and New York Times-bestselling author of “I Like You Just The Way I Am” and “Live Fast Die Hot”
Why did we let dudes write stories about women for so long? They put us in towers, made us clean houses and made us very sleepy! Ellen and Laura are finally making it right!
— Lauren Adams, actress, Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
The Brothers Grimm have nothing on Laura Lane and Ellen Haun. From a woke Sleeping Beauty to a Red Riding Hood fighting wolf-calls, here’s a book of fairy tales not for your children, but for your hilarious girlfriends. They’re perfect reading for every feminist who longs for a happy ending.
— Jennifer Wright, author of "It Ended Badly"
A witty and much-needed fairy tale reboot. Makes you think about what we’ve been teaching our children!
— Jo Firestone, comedian
If you’re as sick as me of Cinderella’s house cleaning duties and the Little Mermaid’s prince-obsession being the defining characteristic of their stories, then you need to read these clever, surprising, and hilarious updates. A mix of modern-day commentary and clever subversions of the originals, Cinderella and the Glass Ceiling reclaims the storytelling from the guys and gives the heroes (not just the Little Mermaid!) back their voices.
— Caitlin Kunkel, co-author of “New Erotica for Feminists”
Finally a hilarious, refreshing, and modern retelling of our favorite fairy tales featuring realistic and relatable female characters that, blessedly, wasn’t written by a couple of old white dudes. Because the Brothers Grimm were for sure a couple of old white dudes.
— Laura Wilcox, author of “I AM BRIDE”